Custom Projects

  • Wall of Caledonian and Stanstead Granite, Stanstead Caps and Bluestone treads in patio inlay

1. Stone selection

In the early stages of a project specific stone is selected based on aesthetics, environment, structural mission, life cycle costs, maintenance, installation and many other criteria. Our staff is skilled in finding the right stone by engaging our vast network of quarries and fabricators throughout the word. Start by viewing our “Stone Selector” page. Product samples are also available upon request.


2. Stone Take-Off & Estimating

Drawings and specifications are submitted by our customers for review and cost estimates. We use computer aided design and traditional methods to review your plans and we can provide feedback on potential cost saving ideas as well as design options to improve installation, product performance and/or cost reduction opportunities.


3. Shop drawings

After our customer approves a cost estimate, we have the ability to translate generalized drawings into specific detailed drawings of each custom stone to be fabricated. These drawings are submitted for customer review and approval.


4. Production

Upon final review and customer approval the job is put into production. We have many choices when it comes to production from using our own fabrication shop, fabrication shops located near quarries to large overseas factories. We choose what is best based on the specific stone selected, the required time-line of the project and the project budget.


5. Packaging & Delivery

All orders are packaged to protect the finished stone from handling and shipping activity. Each stone is marked per the shop drawings and itemized bills of lading are prepared. All product is inspected by our personnel prior to delivery.


6. Changes

As jobs proceed there are inevitable changes, additions and at times re-work. We stock extra material and use our fabrication shop if necessary to provide quick turn – time for all project changes.

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